Mountain High Beekeepers Cooperative

Providing practical and educational support for beekeepers

Mountain High Beekeepers Cooperative provides practical and educational support for our members, while cultivating a larger vision for cooperative beekeeping and ensuring the continuing viability of honey bees.

Annual Winter Meeting

The Co-op's annual winter meeting will be held in Longmont, Colorado on Saturday, March 7, 2015.

The focus of the meeting will be a presentation of the CSU/EPA Bee Guide that will be given away free to all interested beekeepers attending the meeting. For details, see the Events page.

Spring Service Day

We'll be scheduling our annual Spring Service Day in Boulder County, Colorado soon. Check back for details. This is a day where members assisit each other with tasks like installing packages, making splits, and hive inspections.

Checking hives during the first annual Co-op Spring Service Day in April, 2004.